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    • Laser Beam Expender
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      Laser Beam Expender

      We manufacture a variety of laser beam expanders to suit most laser types, from small waveguide lasers up to multi-kilowatt industrial lasers. There is also a modular range for experimental and laboratory purposes. Material: BK7 fine annealed Diameter: -0.1mm Thickness:±0.1mm...Read More
    • Laser Focusing Lens
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      Laser Focusing Lens

      Laser focusing lens consists of a few lenses to obtain better image quality and smaller focused beam diameters. It is mainly used in laser scribing, engraving, laser marking, laser welding etc. Laser focusing lens :F50,F60,F70,F80,F100,F120,F150,F180,F200,F250,F300 Material...Read More
    • Laser Optical Mirror
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      Laser Optical Mirror

      Laser Optical Mirrors are designed to reflect light for a variety of applications, including laser marking, laser engraving, laser welding and laser cutting. Protective mirrors, totally reflecting mirror, semi-reflective mirrors are popular applied in laser equipments....Read More
    • Collimating Lens
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      Collimating Lens

      Collimator Lens is made of several lenses or single aspheric lens, designed to collimate light to a desired diameter beam which can make a collimated and direct effect in laser instruments. Specifications Collimating lens: F50,F60,F70,F80,F100,F120,F150,F180,F200 Wavelength...Read More
    • Microscope
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      Microscope —For laser welding machines 1. Germany brand: LEICA, MOTIC 2. Compact, lightweight, with a highly excellent optical performance. 3. With high resolution stereo image quality. 4. User-friendly design greatly improves the operator's work efficiency, and reduce...Read More
    • CCTV Camera System
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      CCTV Camera System

      The CCD is a kind of semiconductor devices, able to optical image is converted into digital signals.CCD tiny light-sensitive material implanted in Pixel (Pixel).A piece of CCD contains the more pixels, which provide the higher the image resolution.The function of the CCD,...Read More
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