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Operation Procedure Of Laser Marking Machine-SuperWave Laser Marking Machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2017

1) close the main air switch behind the cabinet;

2) insert the key, clockwise turn 90 °;

3) press the pump switch and the cooling system to work, and the water pump is connected;

4) close the laser power supply air switch, press the RUN switch, and automatically light the krypton lamp after 5 ~ 10 seconds, and the current meter shows about 7.5a;

5) turn on the scanning, sound light and indicator button in turn;

6) adjust the knob to change the current size of the output krypton lamp (the internal setting of the power supply is 7 ~ 25A, and more than 33A turns IGBT off, and more than 40A cuts off the main relay);

7) open the computer, enter the WINDOWS operating system, open the laser tag software, set the appropriate parameters, and conduct the laser marking work;

8) after the marking work is completed, turn off the instructions, audio and optical, scanning, computer, and laser power switch in turn;

9) wait a minute to close the pump switch. Then pull down the air switch and disconnect the machine.

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