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    • F-theta Lens
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      F-theta Lens

      F-Theta Lens --- Nd:YAG Laser F-theta scan lens is used in conjunction with XY galvanometer scanner and beam expander to form a two dimensions scanning system. The scan lens is optimized to provide a flat field image with diffraction-limited spot size in micron scale over the...Read More
    • Laser Beam Expender
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      Laser Beam Expender

      We manufacture a variety of laser beam expanders to suit most laser types, from small waveguide lasers up to multi-kilowatt industrial lasers. There is also a modular range for experimental and laboratory purposes. Material: BK7 fine annealed Diameter: -0.1mm Thickness:±0.1mm...Read More
    • Laser Focusing Lens
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      Laser Focusing Lens

      Laser focusing lens consists of a few lenses to obtain better image quality and smaller focused beam diameters. It is mainly used in laser scribing, engraving, laser marking, laser welding etc. Laser focusing lens :F50,F60,F70,F80,F100,F120,F150,F180,F200,F250,F300 Material...Read More
    • Laser Optical Mirror
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      Laser Optical Mirror

      Laser Optical Mirrors are designed to reflect light for a variety of applications, including laser marking, laser engraving, laser welding and laser cutting. Protective mirrors, totally reflecting mirror, semi-reflective mirrors are popular applied in laser equipments....Read More
    • Collimating Lens
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      Collimating Lens

      Collimator Lens is made of several lenses or single aspheric lens, designed to collimate light to a desired diameter beam which can make a collimated and direct effect in laser instruments. Specifications Collimating lens: F50,F60,F70,F80,F100,F120,F150,F180,F200 Wavelength...Read More
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    Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional China eyeglasses manufacturer, with professional factory we are always able to offer you discount eyeglasses, welding jigs and fixtures, stainless steel laser cutter, battery spot welding machine, leather laser engraving machine with reliable quality....
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