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What is the difference between fiber laser and optical fiber transmission laser welding machine?

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 12, 2018

The difference between the two:

The so-called fiber laser welding machine refers to the laser is pure optical fiber. The welding speed of the fiber laser welding machine is 20 times that of the optical fiber transmission welding machine, and there is no consumable. Electricity consumption is only 1/10 of the laser welding machine. The fiber laser of pure fiber laser welding machine is basically imported, the quality and the performance is absolutely first-class. Pure optical fiber laser welding machine can be pulse spot welding, or laser continuous welding process, depending on the product welding requirements of different adjustable. Therefore, the power of pure fiber laser welding machine can be very large, usually thousands of watts, generally around 3000W. So the price of pure fiber laser welding machine is high, generally above 1 million.

And optical fiber transmission of the laser welding machine is YAG laser, namely hard light path, but with a single fiber to hard light path into a soft light path, that is, the optical fiber transmission laser welding machine or substance belongs to the YAG laser welding machine, is just a transport by hard light path into a soft light path. This kind of laser welding machine has consumable goods, the electricity consumption is also big. Generally, the laser power is not as large as pure fiber, so the cost performance is high, and the general price ranges from tens to hundreds of thousands.

What they have in common:

1. All belong to soft light path, both can be single fiber head or multi-fiber head out of light.

2. Both can realize long distance welding.

3. The welding spot energy distribution is even, and the best spot is required for welding characteristics.

4. Adapt to various complicated welds, laser spot welding of various devices, laser continuous welding, laser seal welding, straight seam welding, circumferential welding and any trajectory welding.

5. Easy to realize automation, can be combined with the manipulator, the laser welding process is more flexible and convenient.

6. Laser welding machine of fiber laser is especially suitable for laser continuous welding and sealing welding.