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Laser welding technique-superwave laser machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 15, 2017

Until the 1970 s developed laser welding technology has just started, because the laser is not yet developed, so people focus on the technology with laser welding, early most welding technology experiments are using pulse ruby laser, because of low laser efficiency and luminous material stimulated character make a decision.

By optical oscillators and ends on the oscillator cavity mirror combination between the medium, the medium was inspired to the highest energy state, started to produce the same phase light bounces back and forth between the mirrors on both ends, and form a photoelectric effect string, the light is infinite amplification, and able to get enough energy to emit laser.

Laser can be translated into him to electrical energy, chemical energy, heat, light or nuclear energy and other raw energy is converted into a certain optical frequency (ultraviolet, visible or infrared electromagnetic radiation beam) is a common equipment in some solid, liquid or gas medium in the transformation form easily. When these media are excited by atoms or molecules, they produce a light beam with almost the same phase and almost a single wavelength. Due to the same phase and single wavelength, the difference angles are very small, and can be transmitted very long before being highly concentrated to provide functions such as welding, cutting and heat treatment.

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