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Laser cutting machine for dust removal

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 23, 2018


1. Dry treatment (dry cutting)
It is to add a set of dust collecting devices for the cutting work platform, and directly transport the collected smoke and dust to the smoke filter purification equipment, and then discharge it after the uniform filtration treatment reaches the standard. The smoke generated by the cutting is basically formed under the workpiece incision, so the suction type negative pressure cutting platform has become the most common smoke trap device. In order to save investment in equipment and improve the efficiency of convulsions, namely to smaller suction air flow to achieve a higher amount of dust collection, only to dust collection is in the area in the process of cutting processing, thus cutting platform along the direction of cutting machine main rail will be divided into (uniform) closed small region, have the outlet side. The working form of the suction outlet has the side suction type of the suction outlet and the side wall valve type suction outlet of the suction chamber. Among them, the former is widely used because of its simple structure, reliable work and good dedusting effect.
2. Wet treatment (wet cutting)
Is actually making a water bed cutting platform, the artifact placed in the water or the water, then the underwater or close to the surface finish cutting operation, use water to capture the smoke and dust produced in the process of cutting, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the environment.