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Laser automation: to solve the cell phone's electrical conductivity automatic radium carving.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 01, 2018

The laser has been widely used in engraving and conducting of the frame and metal case, and laser engraving is required for almost every piece. Existing laser engraving equipment are basically monomer of conductive a laser marking machine, a machine requires a person to operate, a lot of large mobile phone metal mould factory have hundreds or even hundreds of such machine laser equipment, at the same time also need a lot of workers to operate.
Ce d conducting an automatic laser carving technology of mobile phone system integrates multiple laser equipment and automated assembly line, with automatic flip, do more streamline production, at the same time of improving UPH also saved a large amount of manpower cost.
System advantages:
1. The operation of the system is simple and requires only two people to operate, which greatly reduces the labor cost.
2. Fully automatic marking to improve production efficiency;
3. Return of online fixture, reduce the number of treatment tools and reduce the cost of treatment;
By comparing the on-line scheme with the independent machine, we can reduce the turnover and positioning time of the upper and lower materials. The online solution will be used to hide the marking time in the staff. The same is true for five laser machines, but only two can do more than five separate machines.