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How to select laser cutting machine!

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Metal cutting and non-metal cutting, according to cutting materials to choose and buy machines. Another kind is mixed cutting, that is, metal and non-metal can be used, but this kind of machine is not recommended. The laser cutting machine of CO2 is mainly used to cut non-metal materials with a wavelength of about 10600. Metal cutting materials are best cut using optical fiber or YAG devices, because their wavelengths are between 1060 and 1070, and metal materials have energy absorption problems with this wavelength. If you can cut it with a CO2 device, it's a completely energy-dependent hot melt.

2. For non-metal cutting, the machine is divided into two types: high power and low power according to different application functions. Some small power cutting machine applies only to the color plate, building model, small signs, three-dimensional crafts materials processing, the process have been popular for a period of time, but power is too small, could significantly affect its application ranges. Another kind of high power spindle cutter is divided into two categories, one is a large cutting machine: size is 1 m above commonly, but this is generally poor precision cutting machine, cutting machine, another format of tender this engraving machine commonly used in precision machining and organic scutcheon. In terms of size, according to their own requirements, the size of the object cutting area, the size of the site, choose the laser engraving machine. In general, each vendor has different size of laser cutting machine, like LeiYu laser, there are four different sizes, to meet the needs of different industries, for small DIY workshop, you can choose the small Nova24 laser cutting machine.

3.And metal cutting, if their own technology demand is mostly under 3 mm plate, a small amount of sheet with 3-6 mm, and small batch products, variety, then choose the small and medium-sized power 500 w YAG laser cutting machine can cut metal copper, aluminium high reflective materials, to overcome the optical fiber and CO2 laser in the aspect of cutting high reflective materials. If the enterprise itself is mainly processing handicrafts, it is the best choice to buy 40w-150w laser cutting and carving machines. The equipment procurement cost is low, the processing materials are diversified, and the cost performance is high. Therefore, the size of power cannot be the only index to evaluate the quality of a laser cutting machine. It is more rational to choose equipment that can meet the enterprise's own processing level appropriately