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fiber continuous laser welding machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 07, 2018

fiber continuous laser welding machine: it is mainly composed of laser (pump source, coupler, rare earth element optical fiber, resonant cavity and other components) continuously working, producing high quality light beam. Used for fast welding of thin wall material, belongs to the heat conduction type welding, laser welding with a laser radiation heating workpiece, control the laser parameters (pulse, frequency, power, energy, etc.) make workpiece melting pool formation, realize the welding, especially suitable for small workpiece precision welding. The whole machine is equipped with CCD visual system. Monitor the welding system and monitor the welding process at any time. Weldable plane, circle, line type product and non - standard customized production line precision welding process.

Applicable scope and main features.

1. Non-contact welding, do not damage the workpiece, the parent material is not deformed;
2. The service life of the laser is up to 100,000 hours, and the maintenance cost is extremely low;
3. Humanized design of operation interface, easy to operate, easy to understand and powerful;
4. Wide application range, high accuracy, fast speed, suitable for all kinds of hardware materials in large quantity welding processing;
5. The working mode of the equipment can be selected with multi-axis workbench or mechanical arm according to the processing requirements;
6. The failure rate of the whole machine is extremely low, the operation is free of consumables, low power consumption, simple maintenance and low comprehensive operation cost;
7. Small design of the whole machine, which can be flexibly adjusted and arranged according to the space of the site and the production line.

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